Vipassana weekend (Netherlands)

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Tathagata Meditation Centre – TMC (California, USA)

Meditation centre in San José, California, established in 1991 by Vietnamese Americans. Here the Mahasi technique is being taught and practiced as it was taught by Sayadaw U Pandita. Sayadaw U Thuzana, the current head monk of this centre, is annually teaching in centre Dhammaramsi in Belgium (see above).

Panditarama Forest Meditation Centre

Forest centre in Myanmar (Burma), established 1993 by Sayadaw U Pandita (1921 – 2016). From December 1 2019 till January 31 2020 the 21st Special Retreat for strangers will be given by senior students of Sayadaw U Pandita. I was one of the participants in the past six years and find it highly recommendable. Application possible until October 31. There will be about 120 participants. My experience: don’t wait longer than middle August with your application, later you will be dependent on cancellations. When you are seriously considering to participate, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Panditarama Lumbini

Centre in the Buddha’s birthplace (Lumbini, Nepal) under the guidance of Sayadaw U Vivekananda (Germany) and Burmese nun Sayalay Bhadda Manika. They were both students of Sayadaw U Pandita (1921 – 2016, Burma), Mahasi Sayadaw’s successor. Every year in April, May and June U Vivekananda uses to go to Europe, Australia or USA for teaching, and Daw Bhadda Manika uses to go to Malaysia or Indonesia. The rest of the year one can apply for a retreat in this centre with a minimum of seven days. Here I went in 2011, 2015 en 2016. See also Facebook page for up-to-date communication and events.