Dhamma Group Brussels (Belgium)

Vipassana-retreats in Burmese Mahasi tradition in Dhammaramsi Meditation Centre in Rivière (between Namur and Dinant, Belgium). A few times a year Myanmarese monks and nuns are teaching here who have been trained by Sayadaw U Pandita (1921-2016). Thanks to the generosity of the couple who are the owners of this centre, costs for food and lodging are about half as much as usual in the Netherlands.

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February 17 – March 5: Carnival Retreat with Sayalay Daw Vajirañani.

April 28 – May 14: Easter Retreat with Sayadaw U Thitzana

June 30 – July 14: Summer retreat with Sayadaw U Ñanujjota and Sayalay Daw Vajirañani

July 15 – 30: Summer retreat with (ONLINE) Sayadaw U Thuzana and Sayalay Daw Vajirañani

October 27 – November 5: Vipassana and Abhidhamma retreat with Sayadaw U Ottarañana